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Insect Repellent Wipes Sachets - Bag of 20

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Product Code: INS20 - Box of 20 Insect Repellent wipes

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Insect Repellent Wet Wipe Sachets with Natural Citrepel 75® (Bag of 20)


These individually wrapped wipes are specially formulated to repel mosquitoes, midges, ticks, gnats, sand flies and other flying and other biting insects. When applied to all areas of exposed skin they can give lasting protection of up to 4-6 hours.


The wipes are suitable for children over 6 months of age, and should be applied by an adult. Mywipe Insect wipes have been carefully impregnated with Citrepel 75®, which is a NATURAL, highly effective insect repellent produced from eucalyptus oils.


Eucalyptus oils are high in p-menthane-3,8-diol (PMD) which has been shown to be effective against a broad spectrum of insects. What makes Citrepel 75® different and so successful is that it has been developed by a process which dramatically increases the PMD (citriodora oil)* level to consistently high levels, thereby giving hugely increased protection. For decades, synthetic insect repellents have always out-performed natural products. In field tests natural Citrepel 75® outperformed a range of other repellent materials, including DEET, thus changing the natural order.


*citriodora oil, when refined to increase its PMD content for use in insect repellents, is known in the United States as oil of lemon eucalyptus (OLE) or by the tradenames Citrosynthol, Citrepel, and Citriodiol.


On August 1st 2012 DEET was included onto Annex 1 of the Biocidal Products Directive. Any products on the market that contain DEET will require authorisation under the Biocidal Products Regulations. We have decided not to apply for authorisation because we firmly believe Citrepel 75® out performs DEET to every level thus providing a natural solution to a natural problem.


The resealable plastic pack contains 20 wipes, individually wrapped in a sealed foil sachet for freshness and convenience travel.


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Technical Specification

All mywipe products have been manufactured under the highest quality and safety controls. Each wipe has been carefully formulated to ensure we use only the safest of ingredients that are both kind to the skin and the surface for which they are intended. Full ingredients are listed on the back of each sachet, however for Health & Safety purposes, a Material Safety Data Sheet is also available for you to download for each product. 

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