About Us

mywipe® is a registered brand of Guardpack Ltd and Guardpack (Ireland) Ltd, a privately owned sachet & wet wipe manufacturer.  All product is manufactured in the UK at our factory in Chelmsford, Essex. We produce a wide range of impregnated wet wipes and sachets. Each product has been designed for use in the home and office and for your general convenience, especially when travelling.

Our individually sealed wet wipe sachets are specifically formulated to ensure their usage is highly effective. Every ingredient and cloth has been carefully selected to be gentle on the skin as well as the surface for which it is intended.

The range includes wipes for a multitude of surfaces as well as a skincare range that all comply with the UK & EU Cosmetics Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009 with Authorised EU Responsible Persons held at Guardpack Ltd & Guardpack (Ireland) Ltd.

Our manufacturing guidelines ensure all products are produced to the highest quality controls under ISO accreditation. We currently hold ISO 9001:2015 certification and we are proud to have continually improved our systems year on year, to meet our customers expectations.

Our mywipe products are available in bulk quanties and resealable packs for your convenience. However if you require private label and contract packaging wipes please click here.