Biodegradable Plastic Free Wet Wipes

Environmental Commitmentmywipe biodegradable wipes

mywipe recognizes that protection of the environment requires commercial activity to be conducted in a sustainable manner.

We firmly believe it should not cost the earth to stay clean whilst you use wet wipes for convenience. We therefore are ensuring all of the mywipe product range will be free of plastic wipes by the end of 2024.

mywipe's 100% viscose wet wipe tissue is produced from plant based renewable fibres and fully compostable in soil.  Wherever you see the biodegradable green symbol, you will be choosing a more sustainable option.

Our environmental responsibility is cemented by our ISO 14001:2015 accreditation where we commit to reach the highest standards, with regards to environmental matters, arising out of our activities.

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Please contact us if you require further details on our policy.