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Plaster Removal Wipes Sachets - Carton of 20

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Product Code: PLA20 - Plaster & Adhesive Remover Wipes (Carton of 20)

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Plaster & Adhesive Remover Wet Wipe Sachets (Pack of 20)


These individually wrapped wipes contain a soft wet tissue wipe impregnated with essential oils, to carefully remove adhesive residue left behind on the skin, after plaster or tape has been removed.


Removing the adhesive residue left on the skin can take a lot of rubbing and will leave the skin feeling red and sore. This can often result in the process hurting more that the injury itself!


These gentle wipes have been formulated to remove this residue quickly and without skin trauma. They are safe for use on children and are also very effective in removing children's temporary tattoos and transfers, eliminating the urgent Sunday night panic before school!


The resealable plastic pack contains 20 wipes, individually wrapped in a sealed sachet for freshness. Contains Aloe Vera and Lavender Oils.

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Technical Specification

All mywipe products have been manufactured under the highest quality and safety controls. Each wipe has been carefully formulated to ensure we use only the safest of ingredients that are both kind to the skin and the surface for which they are intended. Full ingredients are listed on the back of each sachet, however for Health & Safety purposes, a Material Safety Data Sheet is also available for you to download for each product. 

• MSDS Alcohol 70%
• MSDS Alcohol 100%
MSDS Sterizar Antibacterial Wipes
• MSDS Wet & Dry Screen
• MSDS Flat Panel TV
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• MSDS Insect Citrepel 75
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